Level, Lift, & Lowering Kits

Customize your ride!

When you’re thinking about adding lift, level, or lowering kit to your vehicle, understand there are many different options depending on your vehicle. Adding a lift, or lowering kit to your vehicle will not only enhance the style, but also improve off-road driving, or optimize performance. Regardless of what you are looking to accomplish with adding a kit, our staff will be happy to assist you in making the decision of which kit you have installed on your car.


Lift Kits

  • If you’re looking for a lift kit, Tyrrell Tires is the perfect place to stop in and do some shopping. We have a skilled team of technicians who can not only help you choose the perfect lift kit for your vehicle, but also install it quickly and correctly.
    • We offer these brands and more at our store: Rough Country Lifts, Pro Comp Lifts, Fabtech Lift Kits, etc.
  • When you’re shopping for a lift kit for your vehicle, there are four common types of lift kits that you will see. They are:
    • Coil Suspension Lift Kits: The Coil Suspension lift kit is the most expensive of all the lift kit options, however it’s very worth it. The biggest cost with this type of lift is the professional installation cost, because it’s labor intensive. These lift kits are designed for heavy off-road travel but still give you control on the highway.
    • Lifted Spring Suspension Kits: The Lifted Spring Suspension kits are the most common type of lift kit. This lift kit gives you a few additional inches of clearance and the ability for bigger tires. This type of lift will not affect how the vehicle feels driving down the highway.
    • Shackle Suspension Lift Kits: Shackle Suspension Lift kits are the best kit if you are just looking for the aesthetics of a lift on your vehicle. These types of lifts are not designed to really be taken off-road. Typically, this lift is also very affordable and comes with a lower cost at the price of poorer steering and control of the vehicle.
    • Shackle Reverse Lift Kits: Shackle Reverse Lift kits are intended for off-road use, and they make for a smooth ride off-road experience. Although these lift kits offer a smooth ride through the woods and forest, they do not offer much highway control.

Leveling Kits

  • A leveling kit is to improve the look of your vehicle, and to give you additional safety. Some trucks and other cars are lighter or heavier in the front or back of the vehicle, a leveling kit will help balance this. With a leveling kit, it will balance out the weight and properly align the vehicle, and give your car a more aesthetically pleasing look. When a vehicle is off-balanced it can affect handling, suspension, and tire wear, thus the need for a leveling kit. Come in to Tyrrell Tires today to have your vehicle assessed!

Lowering Kits

  • Installing a lowering kit on your vehicle can increase the appeal of your vehicle and performance. At Tyrrell Tires, we offer a great selection of different lowering kits that our trained technicians are able to install for you. Please don’t try installing one yourself at home, you could potentially damage the undercarriage of your vehicle.