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Here at Tyrrell tires, we really do it all. When we opened our doors in 2012 after spending 14 years in the tire industry and we had a mission to offer our customers unrivaled support and service. Since 2012 we have been the leading authority for Rapid City, SD in automotive repair, custom rims & tires, accessories, and even U-Haul rentals!
Tires are an integral part of our lives. If we have great tires that are well taken care of then the inclimate weather is easily overcome and we are confident knowing that our family is safe. If they are taken care of improperly or in rough condition, then a simple drive across town can result in a flat tire or other serious issues for the driver. Needless to say, tires are also the part of a vehicle that is exposed most to the road, and the elements and that’s why they should be inspected regularly and taken care of with the help of a professional team of technicians like the team at Tyrrell Tires.

There are a couple different maintenance items that you should be aware of as a vehicle owner that can drastically affect the amount of time a new set of tires will last.

Rotation: Each individual tire on the vehicle supports a different amount of weight because of cargo being carried, passengers, weather conditions, etc. By having the tires regularly rotated you can extend the life of each tire and ultimately the life of the entire set. But how often should a busy driver get their tires rotated? Ideally, a rotation every 5,000 to 8,000 miles is going to be the best range of mileage for a mix of town and highway driving. Another great way to be sure of those mileage intervals is going to be a quick scan of your owner's manual.

Alignment: The alignment of your tires is a term that simply describes the combination of angles and relative positions of a wheel that allows the vehicle to move and steer in a predictable manner. If a vehicle is aligned improperly then you may feel some vibration in the steering wheel and the vehicle may pull to one side. Misalignment can become a serious issue if not corrected, simply because it creates more wear on the suspension system of the vehicle in addition to the tires. Here at Tyrrell Tires our team of talented technicians will be able to identify alignment issues quickly and correct them so that you have a smooth ride for the lifespan of your tires.

Next time you are experiencing issues with your tires, in need of a brand new set, or simply in need of a second opinion come see us at Tyrrell Tires. Our team has 18 years of experience in the tire industry and we are more than equipped to take care of your needs whether it be for your tires or an automotive repair. Great service with honesty and the utmost quality are all you are going to find at Tyrrell tires!

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Family-Owned & Operated
Tyrrell Tires is a family owned and operated business located in Rapid City, SD. We first opened our doors in a little shop off of Highway 44 in April of 2012. After being in the shop on Highway 44 we were in the position to re-locate to our new location at 105 N Cambell Street, Rapid City, SD.


Vehicle Repair

- Inspections
- Batteries
- Belts & Hoses
- Brakes
- Electrical
- Suspensions/Shocks
- Level, Lift, & Lowering Kits
- Performance Upgrades
- Wheel Balancing
- Tire Repair
- Oil Changes

Explosive Hydrographics

Customize just about anything!
We are teamed up with Explosive Hydrographics to provide you customized guns, accessories, rims, and so much more! Explosive Hydrographic’s has the ability to ‘print’ on nearly any type of surface – the sky is the limit. The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials. You can dip anything from firearms, motorcycle gas tanks to trim for your office.